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Run away before the "end" or hunt your rivals to survive. This game is based on the “save or die” concept and is intentionally short to create a contrast with the burden of time. Press start... THE WARRIORS It has been 20 minutes and the man has been slowly getting used to his new environment. He has to survive, stay alive and help other people as much as he can. This is the most elementary, but important part. “Is it time to eat yet?” “...” “Ok, I’m gonna eat and then build a little hut and sleep for one night, hope you’re going to survive!” “Ok...” “Uh, mom? You’ve been around for a day, right?” “You sure you don’t want to call me mom?” “I’ll have you get me some clothes and maybe we can sleep in the same house together!” “Ya know, you’re doing really great. I’m really proud of you!” “Thanks...” “Good night, ok?” “You too.” “Mom?” “Yeah?” “Are you going to live at least forever, like me?” “Of course! Just like you, I won’t die!” “Ok, mom!” “I love you!” “Bye!” “Good night!” ... After that the child has been out of sight for a while, but has not been forgotten. The parent picks up their phone, starts reading the messages, the children's messages, and sends back a text to one of the children. “Hey, don’t think that I’m gonna forget about you! I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you have a good life!” “Thanks mom!” “I’m just kidding. I’ll do my

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